One Last Cold Walk At The Celery Bog

One Last Cold Morning At The Celery Bog

Sunday I decided to head out to the Celery Bog in the morning. It was a crisp morning, but that really makes the walks feel better in my mind. I have heard people hope that it was the last cold morning, but I sort of like those days. Of course with warm weather comes spring so I guess I can get on board with that.

A Downy Woodpecker Starts Things Off

On my way into the woods I went to say hello to Ruby, but she was not around. My first photo of the day was of this downy woodpecker up in the tree. I normally do not like making photos nearly straight up over my head, but with that blue sky I just had to hope that it would find a position that worked for me.

The Take Off

Just down from my bench where I was sitting a couple of birders got a little too close to the water and these mallards decided to take off. I was in the perfect position to make a photo. Normally I don’t like it when birds get flushed, but here it allowed me to make a nice photo.

A Ring-necked Duck Flies By

I had already made a couple of ring-necked duck photos in the water that I liked. A group had swam past me in a parade type fashion. This duck though wanted to catch up quickly so it flew past me. The background colors quickly made this my favorite photo from the day.

Let It Out

This goose was not happy with some geese on the other side of the water. It was letting them know about it. I thought that it made for a funny photo.

More Photos

Here area a few more photos that I liked from my chilly walk.

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