My Backyard Birds: Sandhill Cranes?

Sandhill Cranes In My Backyard?

I already was having a good Sunday when I heard a noise outside. I had made some photos that I liked at the Celery Bog in the morning and just had a good visit with some family. I was alone in the house (except for the dog) which has been rare during the virus. I decided to do something that I had not done in a while. I put a basketball game on the TV and was going to nap on the couch. My dog heard something and perked up and then I heard what he heard. A huge number of sandhill cranes were reforming straight up over my house! Of course I grabbed the camera to make some photos of it. They technically did not land in my backyard, but I made photos of them from my backyard so I think that they count as backyard birds.

An Eagle Joins The Party

As I was making photos of the cranes a strange bird entered the frame in the lower right. A bald eagle started having some fun cutting through the flock. It was a beautiful day to fly and it was out having some fun. Seeing this eagle made me decide to pack up my gear and go out looking for eagles again. I am glad that I did as it was a really fun way to spend my night. I will have more photos of that coming up in a couple of days.

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