The Red-breasted Nuthatch Sticks Around

Back To The Birds

After a few days of sports photos we are now back to the birds on this blog. I really think that I was not as rusty as I thought I would be this weekend because I have been photographing birds this winter. Photographing an athlete does not seem as tough when you have been photographing 4 1/2 inch birds like the one above. It is a great way to keep making photos at a time when a lot of doors have closed.

The Red-breasted Nuthatch Sticks Around

This is a bird that I don’t see very often. It shows up for a while in the winter before leaving. It is also a quick, shy bird that doesn’t give you many opportunities for photos. Here I was lucky enough to have it come to a relatively clean spot on the tree and give me the traditional nuthatch pose. I had not seen this before from this bird so I was happy to capture it. Hopefully they give me a few more days to make photos of them before they take off.

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