The Monon Spike Stays Home

The Monon Spike Trophy Stays Home

West Lafayette is really the home of this trophy. Purdue has now beaten Indiana seventeen straight times in volleyball. Seventeen straight times! That is truly dominating your rival. When I went to the game I had this photo in my mind. It really never occurred to me that Purdue would not win the match. I knew that they would, and another P would be added to the trophy.

Photographing Volleyball Again

The last time that I photographed volleyball was in December of 2019. I had an extended season because Purdue was hosting the NCAA Tournament at home. It was up in the air if I would get to be a part of this weird season. After watching Purdue at IU earlier in the week I knew that I had to get back court side to make photos. It felt great to be back out there.

Getting Back To Volleyball Speed

Volleyball is a quick sport. You have to be at the top of your game to photograph it. I had not photographed any sporting events since December until this weekend so I was trying to shake off the rust. After a couple of serves I was slowly getting back in the game. The fun part about photography is making beauty out of chaos. I don’t know that there is a sport that is harder to do that with than volleyball. There are so many moving parts and it is so fast. It really makes it special when you make that good volleyball photo.

When The Whole Team Is Behind You

The thing that I love about this photo is how the team is reacting to Melissa chasing this ball down. It was a great effort and it was fun to see the team rewarding her in real time.

Celebrating Six Months Late

Sunday was my half birthday. I didn’t even know that half birthdays were a thing until I had kids. When they reminded me of it in the morning I couldn’t help but think that I usually spend some part of my birthday weekend in Holloway making photos. I didn’t get to do that in 2020. This year my birthday falls on a Saturday so hopefully Purdue will be home and I can spend another year in Holloway.

The End Of A Run

After no sports on the blog for a while that was a fun four day run of making sports photos. Now we can get back to seeing bird photos for a while. I will probably look like the players above running into my next sporting event. With the virus you never really know what is next. Hopefully things can get back to normal soon.

More Photos From The Day

I really can’t express how much fun I had Sunday. It was great being back in Holloway making photos. I probably made way too many, but that usually happens during the first games back. Here are more of my favorites.

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