Big Ten Diving Championships Day Two: Men’s 3 Meter

Day Two Of The Big Ten Diving Championships

Yesterday I was back on the pool deck for another day of diving. It is amazing what these athletes are doing, and every day they bring it. Yesterday it was time for the men to shine on the three meter board. Some of my better twist photos over the years came on this board so I was excited to get out there and see what I could get.

Jumping Out Of The Frame

I liked this photo because it looked like the diver was being shot out of the Purdue P. It was just a different look on a day when anything different is good.

Lounging In Mid Air

I don’t know much about diving. I don’t know what is the harder dive between the tucks and the twists. I do know that the twists photograph better. Some of the moments look so cool to me during the twist. Here I thought it looked like he was just kicking back while flying through the air.

Changing It Up

After a while you start to feel like you are making the same photo over and over. Here I started trying to show the athletes with a little of the Big Ten branding. It is hard to do too much though because of the restrictions that the virus brings as well as my desire not to get in the way during an important meet. This will be a fun challenge on the final day today.

It’s A Sweep!

The Ohio State men had a great day sweeping the podium. I admittedly don’t know much about where everyone ranks in diving, but watching this team cheer each other on the last couple of days has been fun. They really are always for each other and the little group is by far the loudest. That enthusiasm helped make this moment possible.

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