Big Ten Diving Championships Day One: Men’s 1M Finals

The Long Break Is Over!

Last night I photographed my first sporting event since early December. It is hard to believe that I was setting up my Lightroom sports section for this year at the end of February. It is what it is though and I was happy to get out and make some photos last night. You probably could not see it under my mask, but I was smiling all night. It was fun being back out there.

Capturing Emotion During The Virus

The hardest part for me during the night was not to rush into every huddle that I saw. With the virus you have to be a little more careful and make your images with a longer lens.

Having Some Fun

After a couple of dives I started to have some fun trying to capture the moment that the divers entered the water. Here I was able to get pretty close with the eventual champion of the meet.

What Is Next?

Later today my post about the women’s 3M finals will go live. Then tonight I will be back in the pool for another night of diving. Tomorrow I will be at the pool all day as well for the diving championships. Sunday I will make it four days in a row of sports by photographing the Purdue volleyball game. Then another break for who knows how long? Since the virus hit it really has been feast or famine for my photography. Below are a few extra photos from a fun first day back. It really did feel like the first day of school.

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