A Quick Photo Of The Moon

Stopping To Make A Quick Photo

Tuesday night I was bringing the garbage cans in when I saw how beautiful the moon looked as the sun was going down. I stopped what I was doing and ran in the house to grab my camera and tripod. It is at times like that when I appreciate my wife even more for putting up with the crazy man that she lives with.

Zooming In On The Moon

I decided to try out the power of this lens and camera combination by zooming in a little more in post to the craters of the moon. It is amazing to me just how much detail this A7R4 can capture.

Finishing The Thought

The day before this I was watching the moon rise out of our back window. It came through some clouds and I thought that it would be a nice subject that night. Of course the clouds moved in preventing that from happening. It was nice to finish that thought the next day.

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