Backyard Bird Portraits

Making Backyard Bird Portraits

This year I had a goal of making more up close and personal photos of birds. The bird on a stick photo is alright, but I wanted to get in closer to the birds. Earlier this week you saw a couple examples of how I used food at my house to bring the birds closer to me. In the wild I would never feed the birds, but in my backyard it is a way to help the birds around me. It also gives me a bunch of subjects to make photos of.

A Great Combination

I have seen bad reports about the Sony 200-600mm lens and how it works with the Sony A7R4 camera body. Every photo in this post was made with that exact combination with a Sony 1.4x teleconverter included. I don’t see an issue with the pairing at all. In fact it is the only way that I make bird photos right now. The detail that you can pull out of the photos is amazing.

More Backyard Bird Portraits

Below are a few more portraits that I made in the backyard of the birds that have visited me. This is a fun series that will be fun to continue as the type of birds that I see changes with the season. There are a few photos that may repeat from past posts, but for the sake of showing the project together I have included them.

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