A Golden Night

Using The Clouds To Your Advantage

A few weeks ago I was out at the athletics complex making some photos of the clouds streaking by. That only really works when the clouds have some gaps in them. When the clouds are solid you just get a smooth background. At night though the clouds reflect the light from below. I saw the faint orange glow on the clouds and realized that I could change my white balance to emphasize this a little more. I ended up with a nice clean photo that reminds me of some of the cool baseball art that I have seen. It is also a way to make a different photo fo Alexander Field.

Is It Baseball Season Yet?

Last year at this time I was really getting antsy for baseball season to start. It will not be long and pitchers and catchers will be reporting for spring training. From social media I can see that college teams have already started practicing. I really hope that this virus dies down enough that we can have a semi normal baseball season. After having not seen a single game in person last year I am really getting antsy to photograph baseball this year. If I need to I will wear a hazmat suit to get into games. As of this writing I still have not seen a schedule for any Big Ten teams. It will be interesting how they handle this season.

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