Speaking Of Snow

The Talking Heads Of Pao Hall In The Snow

I have been having too much fun making snokeh photos this year. I think that in the past I seemed to always be inside at a sporting event or coming home from one when the really good snow was coming down. This year I have had the time to get out and really make some images that I really like.

What’s In My Snokeh Bag?

I have pretty much been using the same gear for my snokeh photos this year. I have my Sony A7R4 with the 24-105mm lens on it. That gives me a little range on the camera without having to switch lenses. The only tradeoff is that I am making photos at f/4. If I could get to a larger aperture the bokeh would be even more impressive. This seems to give me a good result though so I have not switched it up yet. With the Sony hotshoe being a little different from my Canon I have a Godox V860II loaded up on it. This has been a really good flash and makes things easy for me. Everything is in my Think Tank shoulder bag to keep it out of the snow when I am not making photos. I have really enjoyed using this exact kit for the last few snows. If we keep getting these snows though I may have to try something new just to keep things fresh. If it works the 135mm f/1.8 lens would give me some amazing snokeh.

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