Olaf And The Sun

A Welcome Surprise

Saturday night when I went up to campus I had two real objectives. One of them was the Amelia Earhart statue and the other was the VOSS model. My post yesterday talked about the Earhart statue. Today I will look at the VOSS model. Saturday night I parked near the VOSS model to start my walk so it was the first thing that I saw. When I turned the corner and saw the model this snowman greeted me. It was placed in the perfect spot to make a photo. I knew the model would make for a good snokeh photo, but the snowman made it even better.

When Frozen Ruled The World

It was not that long ago when Frozen ruled the world. With two small kids I saw the movie plenty. Of course being the ham that I am I love the song ‘In Summer’. It is just a silly song that was fun to sing with the kids. When I saw this snowman so close to the sun I couldn’t help but think of that silly song and how it was coming true here.

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