Amelia In The Snow

The Amelia Earhart Statue At Purdue In The Snow

This was part of a fun night walking around a Purdue campus that looked like it was in a snow globe. I walked a different part of campus than usual to see if I could get something new. I loved this statue and had an idea to also show her name on the building. The only problem was that kids seemed to want to eat and they kept coming in and out of the doors. I moved behind the bush to conceal them so that I could make the photo that I wanted. I really need to thank them as they made my photo better for me.

Seeing Amelia For The First Time

This statue has been on campus for over a decade now and I had never made my way over to it to photograph it. When I went out Saturday night I had two locations in mind. The VOSS model and this statue of Amelia Earhart. I knew the walk in between could be good too which it was. This year I hope to find more little things on campus that are new to me. This was a fun detour from the usual.

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