Max Runs In The Snow

Max Goes For A Run In The Snow

Our dog Max is a good dog. He loves to stay by your side when you are outside. That is good unless you are trying to make photos of him. I needed some distance so I was glad when he finally got a little distracted by a bird feeder and wandered off. Of course he realized that he was not near me and sprinted to me. I had one chance to make photos of him running in the snow and thankfully I didn’t screw it up.

A Snokeh Interruption

The blog has been filled with images from my walk around campus and downtown last Saturday. I thought that today we could take a short break from that before getting back at it tomorrow.

One Reply to “Max Runs In The Snow”

  1. Reminds me of when I’m in France visiting my sister-in-law and we’re out walking their Ridgebacks. As soon as I bend down to take a photo of something, they all come rushing over, often either running over it or getting in the way of my camera. 🙂 You caught this shot just at the right, exuberant moment.


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