A Tufted Titmouse Skates Through The Ice

A Tufted Titmouse On An Icy Day

Birds still have to eat even on a cold and rainy day. Here the rain was freezing, but this tufted titmouse was still out looking for food. I love the way that you can see just how wet it is. I don’t know how they don’t freeze out there on these kind of days. This is one of my favorite birds to photograph because they are hard to get at my house. They are very shy so they usually do not give me good photos. On a crummy day though they are focused on the food and not me so much.

What To Do On The Gray Days

This is that point of winter that things start to get hard as a photographer. The landscapes are all brown and most of the birds have flown south for warmer weather. This year it is even harder without sports. For someone who always feels like they have to create it can really start to bring you down. With the sports future still very unclear I have started to think of other ways to challenge myself. Hopefully I can stay artistically fulfilled this winter.

One Reply to “A Tufted Titmouse Skates Through The Ice”

  1. I always enjoyed winter photography, at least if there was snow. But I look for small things, too, and dead things have their own beauty. I like the titmouse shot. They’re so cute.


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