An Appreciation For #4

Watching Rondale Moore One Last Time

It really does not seem like too long ago that I started hearing about Rondale Moore. I don’t follow recruiting very much so I think the first real time I noticed his name was a video of a receiver squatting an absurd amount of weight. Then of course I found about about what he could do on the football field along with everyone else when he absolutely torched Northwestern in 2018. It has been fun getting to watch Rondale play in person. Today was very likely the last time that I will get to see him play in person in a Boiler uniform. Like everything else in 2020 that is up in the air. There is a possibility of one more game in a couple of weeks, but you cannot count on that. For many reasons we were lucky to get to watch him this season. This is a man who can do amazing things on the football field, and I will suddenly become very interested in whatever pro teams is lucky enough to draft him this year.

More Photos Of Rondale

Today I got lucky a few times focusing on Rondale. Here are a few of my favorite frames of him from today. I will have a little more on the game in tomorrow’s post.

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