The Beauty Of The Lights

Up Close With The Lights

Wednesday night when I was up at Purdue I was making some photos with a little longer exposure. My Sony’s have the capability to make a few exposures in a row so I don’t have to be behind the camera the entire time. As I was making the photo that appeared on the blog yesterday I was also walking around with my 135mm lens making some tighter photos. I like to do stuff like this when I am putting together my week in photos post. It gives a little break in the action so to speak.

The Week In Photos Return?

At some point I need to start my week in photos post back up again. To do that though I need material to put in it. With the numbers of the virus going up it just seems to be very selfish to be out and about just to make photos. At some point though things will start to return back to normal and my post can start up again. Maybe I will take some of the pressure off and put together a month in photos for December. 

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