Hanging At Hogwarts

Seeing Hogwarts Castle In Person

The highlight of our trip to Universal Studios last year was seeing this castle in person. My oldest loves Harry Potter, and I thought that I was going to have to catch her when we rounded the corner with this ahead of us. I loved her excitement as we explored all of the new things in Harry Potter world. From the side of the castle I made this vertirama to show off just how cool this place really is. It is amazing how they were able to mostly hide this castle from view in the rest of the park. When you are at these parks the first couple of days you are taking it all in. By the end of the trip you are trying to find the little tricks that make it so much fun.

Until Next Year

This virus completely threw off our summer plans. In the grand scheme of things it is a minor bump. As I logged on to Facebook this week though that hit home a little more because it was showing me memories of our trip last year. It just seems silly to try and travel right now with everything going on.

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