30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #20 Cutch Holds Court

Cutch Holds Court With Reporters

In 2016 I was lucky enough to be a photographer at the Pirates game against the Reds at Victory Field. I was there hours before the game started getting photos for the gallery that day. It seemed like it took forever, but the players finally started showing up. During their media availability I had some fun making photos in the locker room. This photo of former Indy Indian Andrew McCutchen surrounded by reporters was my favorite of those photos.

Photographing MLB Baseball

This was the only time where I had a pass to photograph my favorite game.  At times it seems like the MLB is locked down so tight for photographers. That is until I attend a game and see someone with an iPhone in the dugout making photos. At one point I thought about starting a website to grow and get a credential, but then what would I be making images for? This is supposed to be a business, and to devote that kind of time to make photos for free seemed insane. At some point the majors will call. Maybe the Sox will need an old out of shape center fielder too.

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