30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #11 Delivered With A Smile

Delivering With A Smile

I have always liked this photo. The smile as the ball is coming at you is great. Ethan Larrison was probably smiling though because he knew you weren’t going to hit what was on the way. These are the fun photos that make a baseball game so much fun. I made this photo at the end of a doubleheader. I was looking for something different for the gallery, and this was the answer.

Freezing The Ball

This is a fun trick that you can try once you have the photos that you need from the game. Last year Scott Kelby reviewed this photo on an episode of his show and said that the ball was photoshopped because you can’t do this in camera. It is actually very easy to do. You want to have your camera wide open preferably at f/2.8 or f/4. Then you pick a spot closer to you on the field where you will have the ball pass through and focus there. Then just press the shutter as the ball is passing through that zone. You can experiment with where to stop the ball and then try and get the logo facing you.

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