Painted Skies Over Purdue

Watching The Sky Light Up

Last night I went up to Purdue at the last minute knowing that anything is possible on a stormy night at sunrise. You never know what you can expect. The sky did indeed light up, but two levels of lower clouds kept getting in the way of the big sunset. At first I was not happy with that fact, but I realized that those lower clouds really added to the effect for me. You had the lower clouds which were more purple. The middle layer which had a blue look to them. The upper clouds had the fire glow of the sunset on them. There is also a little of the blue sky showing as well. All of those colors blurring together make for a great sky. My sunset photos that I like always come from the fact that all of the colors blend well together.

Dragging The Shutter

I really had it in my mind last night that I would drag the shutter. I had my Lee Big Stopper on my lens for most of the night along with the polarizer with my back to the sun. During the virus I have had it in my mind to show time going by. Things like blurred clouds and star trails are one way to show in a photo that time has passed. In this case it shows time passing, but it also gives that sunset sky a more painterly look. I think that it looked great no matter what, but I think that this made the sky look just a little more interesting.

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