Max Turns One

Max Turns One

This year just before Thanksgiving we rescued a dog from the shelter. His name was Max. This past weekend he turned one. One thing that I quickly learned about Max is that he is not as tolerant of my photography as past dogs have been. Even in this photo you can see that he was not too sure about the device in my hand. Historically dogs have been what I have tested new gear on. This one though is not about that.

Getting The A9 Back Out

Since sports came to an abrupt halt I have not used my fast cameras too much. My Sony A9’s and A9II have kind of just collected dust. I have really been relying on the Sony A7R4 and the Sony A7R3. In fact I have been really using the AR3 for most of my landscape work. During the warbler migration the A7R4 was on my 600mm lens because I loved the detail that came out of it. I decided to use the A9 here to capture the dog in some fast action in the backyard. Of course he would have none of it so I ended up just using it for this portrait.

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