30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #10 Puerto Rican Pride

The Best Baseball Game That I Have Seen

This championship game of the Colt World Series in 2014 might still be the best baseball game that I have ever seen. It was a lot of back and forth baseball action that had me changing sides multiple times to catch the winners. This photo was made in the top of the 9th when this player from Puerto Rico hit a home run to give his team the lead. At the time I thought it would be the game winner. I loved the emotion here as he approached second base. This is the pure joy that you love to see during a baseball game.

Learning A Lot

In 2014 I was still learning a ton of how to photograph events. I was all about capturing every moment of action that I could. It was during this season though when I found out that the action could be secondary. Moments like this would last long after a great action photo would. I am still learning something about photography all of the time. Moments like this though were huge in guiding what kind of photographer that I would be.

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