30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #9 Josh Bell Gets An Ice Bath

The Moment

This was a game that was all about luck. I was at the game making photos for the Charlotte Knights. The Indianapolis Indians did not have a photographer present and they had two big debuts that game. Tyler Glasnow was on the bump, and Josh Bell was at first base. They asked if I would make photos for them of these two players. I agreed because I was already there, and it was not big deal. Bell then won the game in extra innings with a walk-off double, and I knew that his interview would get wet. I tried to position myself in such a way to get the ice dump without getting wet. I made my picture, and I remember thinking as I walked away that I didn’t really nail it. I would find out later that even though I wasn’t so happy with the photo that many other people were.

The Aftermath

This photo found its way onto the week in photos that minor league baseball puts out every week. At the end of the year it was the winner of the best minor league photo of the year on their website. At the time I remember thinking that it would be the thing that would catapult me into some better baseball jobs. It did get me a job with the Indy Indians the next season until the job started changing. It also helped me grab some post season baseball work which led to some great relationships with other teams. At the end of the day it was a lot of work and accolades for a photo that I wouldn’t have even made without a lot of luck stepping in to help.

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