Watching The Stars At Alexander Field

Watching The World Spin At A Baseball Field

Last night after everyone went to bed I had an idea to go out and make some star trail photos. When I left the house I had one idea for what I wanted to do. As I was even with the football stadium I changed my mind and turned the car around. I decided to head out to the baseball field to try an idea that I have had for a while now. As it turns out that was a great idea. I ended up with a photo that I really liked from the deal.

Option #2

This was not my idea for the baseball field. That one was a much wider photo showing most of the stadium. I set that first idea up and then decided to try something else. At this point I knew that I would be waiting an hour so why not set up a second camera? This was the first set of photos that I worked on when I came home because the file sizes were smaller and it would go quicker. I was very happy with the result. I then pulled up the batch of photos from my primary camera, and I realized before I started that it just wouldn’t work. Everything looked great except for a weird look that two security lights had to them. In the stacking process that look would get worse and worse. The good news is that I had a photo from my second camera that I could use.


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