30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #8 Pileup In Kokomo

The Joy Of Baseball

I love this photo for many reasons. The first is just how emotional baseball can be. Let’s set the scene moments before this photo was made. With two outs in the 15th inning Nick Dalesandro stood on third. Alec Olund was at the plate just needed to get Dalesandro home for the win. Olund laid down a perfect squeeze bunt to allow the Boilers to walk off the game. By the 15th inning you will do anything for the win, and this time it worked. After such a long game the team was ready to celebrate. They came right in front of my position to mob Alec Olund. He is somewhere under that pile of Boilermakers. This is one of two dog pile photos that will be on this countdown. This one made it because of the circumstances of the game.

Patience Is Key

I am not a very patient person. Photography has really helped me become much more patient. You don’t have this emotion after a nine inning blowout. You need the 15 inning walk-off to get this kind of emotion. At this point in my career I didn’t get paid by the hour. I was paid for the game. I could have left after nine innings, but the good stuff would come later. Photos like this are why it is worth being patient and sticking around.

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