Sunrise At The Ocean City Pier

One Of My Favorite Places To Make Photos

The Ocean City Pier at sunrise is one of my favorite places to make photos. I really just make the same photo every year, but it is just fun making it. Since 2012 I have been coming down to the pier in the morning to make photos. I arrive when it is still pitch black, and you can just hear the waves. That is one of the coolest and most relaxing sounds in the world. As the sun comes up you are almost never disappointed.

Looking Back At My Canon Gear

This was the last trip where I really used my Canon gear. Shortly after coming home from this adventure I purchased my first Sony camera, and it was on. Looking back on the switch it was one that I should have made sooner. I just didn’t know it was time yet. I loved using my Canon 5D Mark IV. That and the Canon 24-105mm ii lens made for a great combination. The first lens that I bought for my Sony gear was their version of the 24-105. It is a great lens for travel. You have a wide range of options in between 24 and 105.

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