30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #6 A Great Grab At Second

A Big Moment At The Big East Tournament

I made this photo during my first run as the photographer of the Big East baseball tournament in 2018. This is an amazing tournament that is put on every year now in Mason, Ohio. With everything going on this year the tournament didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look back on some photos from past year. This was a fun one for me. Everything came together for an interesting picture at second base. I love it when a ball is just off the hand or mitt. It adds a little drama to the photo I think.

Plays At Second Base

Plays at second base can be tricky. You have to decide what you want to get out of your image. If you want the offensive player sliding in head first I normally find a spot near third base to photograph from. If you want the offensive side of the play I would normally pick first base to stand near. Here I was by the on deck circle on the third base side. At Prasco Park they have a couple of close positions that make for interesting images. Had this play gone according to plan I probably would have had a lot of backs in my image. I was here for the play at home. It went a little awry though and I ended up in a perfect position to make this picture.

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