Dancing At Purdue

The Best Assistant Money Can Buy

I love it when my daughter comes out on photo sessions with me. Last year around this time we made a photo at this new addition to campus together. It was special to me because many people liked it, but it was also special because she was a part of it. For that photo she was making her own picture of the new arch. She wanted to do something similar but to add a dance move. Hopefully someday when she is older she will still want to head out for a sunset photo with her old man.

Going Wide

I have been having fun making tighter images lately. I feel like at some point I have made all of the wide angle images of campus that I am going to make. For this session I did make a tight photo that I liked of the new Purdue signage. That photo was yesterdays post. Sometimes though I like a super wide photo. I have a portrait idea from this spot that I will eventually get to make. I used to make a lot of portraits but for some reason that part of the business fell away. That is a shame because they are fun to make. I have been doing a portrait series with the local roller derby team that has been fun. Eventually those photos will end up on the blog.

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