30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #4 Multi-Exposure Fun

Having Fun With The Multi-Exposure Function Of My Camera

If you have followed my sports photography work for a while then you know how much I love multi-exposures. It is a great way to show off the motion of an athlete in one frame. I think some of this love comes from my days as a kid collecting baseball cards. The early Upper Deck cards had a lot of multi-exposure frames in them. Those early images are what informed my photography. When the light is right I always want to try and make a few frames like this.

The End Of Multi-Exposures?

Now that I have switched to Sony it seems as if my multi-exposure days may be over. The current lineup of cameras have a huge menu on them, but none of those items are for multi-exposure. This is a feature that has been on cameras for years, but not this current iteration of Sony. I realize that I could do this in post and probably make it look better. Part of the fun though is timing it right in camera. Getting the rhythm down to make a good photo. This baseball season will never be, but it would have been the first without a photo like this.

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