31 Ballparks Of May: #31 New Loeb Stadium

Ending On A High Note

This look at ballparks this month was born out of a longing to photograph baseball. As things turned out I never got a chance to make photos at a park this year. I was actually one day away when things went awry. Since it was born out of something near depression I thought that I would end it on a little hope. The new Loeb Stadium going up in downtown Lafayette. If you have read this blog then you know that I loved the way the old stadium photographed. The light was amazing. I don’t think that will be the case here, but the stadium is definitely an upgrade.

The New Era

At this point with everything going on I don’t know exactly when this stadium is scheduled to open. When it does though I would love to be there for the first game. I am sure as the outside of the stadium starts taking even more shape photos of it will end up on this blog. This corner of the street will look much different in the near future.

The End Of A Project

At the end of April I was in desperate need of a couple of projects. This month long look at stadiums was conceived for that reason. I was digging through old baseball photos and thought that I would look back at some parks that never made the blog. Then I thought of just having a month filled with baseball posts. Just the thought of thinking of baseball everyday made me feel better at the time. As I write this I am mulling over another baseball project for June.

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