31 Ballparks Of May: #29 First Tennessee Park

First Tennessee Park

My trip to Nashville to cover the NCAA Tournament last year was a great one for baseball photography. I was able to see multiple games at Hawkins Field as well as three minor league parks along the way. The last of those parks was First Tennessee Park. This one might have been the weirdest experience for me. I had to pay a fortune to park to make free photos. That really did not set well with me. By the time the sun started to set though I was focused on making photos of the park.

The Guitar

Of course the big draw as far as a feature goes here is the guitar scoreboard. I can think of no better way to honor the Nashville roots of the team than the acoustic guitar scoreboard.

The Park Itself

I think that my initial reaction of the park was the parking fiasco as well as no clear indication of where I could make photos. Once that was all behind me though I really enjoyed my game here. As I left it was blue hour, and I was even able to make one last photo that I liked.

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