31 Ballparks Of May: #28 The Ballpark At Jackson

Dominic Miroglio

The Ballpark At Jackson

Last year about this time I was in Tennessee for the NCAA baseball tournament. In my free time instead of relaxing I went out to make more baseball photos. With traffic around Nashville it was two hours each way to get to and from Jackson, Tennessee, but I am glad that I made this trip. This was a cool little park that was fun to be at.

The Outfield Walls

I talk about it a lot on the blog, but most photographers want a perfectly clean background. That is great for many photos, but at the same time I tend to try and put the ads and signage in my backgrounds. I guess I am thinking about things more from a historical perspective. I am not selling images on the wire. I am documenting history. I loved the tall wall in right field full of ads. I tried to put it in as many photos as I could.

T.J. Friedl

The Centerfield Wall

This wall in center was a monster. 390′ to straight away center and unless my math from my days as a carpenter are off it was 20′ tall. This is a beast of a wall, and a home run over this fence would be a sight to see. I did not see any on this night. If I did I bet the player would have been called up the next day.

The Ballpark at Jackson

The Future Of This Park

I wonder if baseball will be played here again. When the MLB announced that they may contract some clubs from the MiLB roster this team was one on the list. This park was listed as a reason why. I really thought that it was everything that minor league baseball should be. The parks are not the best, but it is the fans that make the experience. I was sad to see that it was a possible contraction. I really hope that things stay how they are because these are the little stops that make minor league baseball what it is.

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