The Muscovy Duck At The Celery Bog

A Visit From The Muscovy Duck At The Celery Bog

This morning while walking around the Celery Bog I had seen some bald eagles down low on a stick near the water fishing. It was a weird behavior that I was not used to. At one point I thought that I saw another one across the pond doing the same thing. When I found in with my camera I realized that it was something else. I was noting the features on the bird when it started to act like it was going to take off. It flew right in front of me giving me a much better look at it. At this point on my walk I had not really seen anything yet, but this made my day. It would get better pretty quick.

The Bird Formerly Known As The Uncommon Common Yellowthroat

This is a bird that I had rarely made a good photo of until this year. This one might just be my best. This bird hopped up on this stick in front of me and posed for a good ten seconds before flying away. You rarely get that out of a bird. This is a good area of the bog for me. Last year on my birthday I photographed an indigo bunting doing the same thing for me. Until then that shy bird had never come up to me.

Sing A Song

This song sparrow has been singing in this same spot the last few times that I have walked through this area. It is now so used to me walking by that I was able to get a little closer and make this photo. It was the photo that I had in mind last time that I was there, but it just didn’t work out. There always seems to be a stick in the way. Here I finally made my photo.

The House Wren

This is a bird that I you don’t find at the bog. It finds you. As you walk you hear them talking to you all over. Twice during my walk today a house wren was singing on a pretty decent perch. I was happy with the first photo that I made, but then later in the walk a wren was posing right in front of me.

Wood Ducks

This is the duck that I want to photograph the most, but the duck that wants to be photographed the least. Right before I made this picture I unknowingly spooked a momma wood duck and ducklings. They moved away from me very fast. I felt bad as the mother moved away from them to distract me. I moved away from that area hoping that the ducks would calm down. When I came out near the water again I saw this pair of ducks swimming together. I still have to make my good wood duck photo. If I made it right away though it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

The Great Blue Heron

I can’t help but make photos of this great bird. Most of the herons at the bog are pretty tolerant if you approach slowly, and you can make some interesting photos of them. This bird was not doing so well hunting so I left it alone hoping that my leaving may help.

Babies Everywhere

The spring babies are starting to show up around the bog. We have seen the young on the water, and today this young robin popped up above me on the trail.

More With The Muscovy Duck

I made this photo shortly after the bird took flight. When a bird takes to the air you never know where they will go. When I made this photo I was hoping that it would fly in front of me, but I made this photo in case it did not. I am glad that things worked out, but it is always good to have a backup plan.

4 Replies to “The Muscovy Duck At The Celery Bog”

    1. Very cool! I had never seen one before, and thought I would just make photos from across the pond. I probably would have been happy with that. When it took off though I was super excited. Probably never see it again at the Bog.

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