31 Ballparks Of May: #15 Victory Field

A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame At Victory Field

Today we reach nearly the halfway point of the month and this countdown. Victory Field is a pretty good park to feature today to celebrate that mark. Here you can see the center field gate which really looks like an old time park gate. I love the fact that they have so many interesting entrances to the park. This of course is my favorite.

Victory Field

By Me Some Peanuts…And Cotton Candy

This is one of my favorite photos of Victory Field over the years. I always call this sky a cotton candy sky so it was very fortunate for me that the cotton candy guy came into my frame. This photo has very little to do with action, but it tells the minor league story pretty well.

Victory Field

Fireworks Night

When I was briefly working with the Indians a goal was to find a new way to photograph the weekly fireworks display. This was one of my thoughts that could work. Unfortunately I never got to try out any of my other ideas for the fireworks. This was a fun idea. I only wish that I had tried a longer exposure here for the cards below. This is a photo that I can easily go back and try again though if we ever get back to playing baseball.

A Ballpark With A View

One great thing about this park is that it has a great view of the city of Indianapolis. This is a view that has been photographed many times, but there is probably a good reason for that. Why wouldn’t you want this view in your portfolio.

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