31 Ballparks Of May: #12 Lambert Field

Lambert Field Remembered

I really enjoyed baseball at Lambert Field. Purdue has a much better facility right now in Alexander Field. It is not even close. There is something about the old field though that was just so cool. Maybe it is the memories. One great memory at Alexander Field happened on this day in 2012. Purdue finally broke through and won the Big Ten title. It was a great way to send off the old stadium. We knew that the new stadium was on the way, but why not close out the old one with a title. That 2012 team was a fun one to watch, and will always be remembered as the team that broke through.

A Lot Of Memories

This photo is not so well done. At this point in 2012 I was in a very heavy bad HDR phase. I think we all go through it at some point. I was even trying to HDR single baseball action frames. The thing about this photo is the fact that it might be the first time that someone from Purdue gave me a shoutout. The Purdue baseball account shared my photo which was a huge deal at the time. These little moments are great reminders of how lucky I am, and how much fun this job is. I can’t wait to do it all again someday.

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