The Magnolia Warbler Arrives At The Celery Bog

Seeing The Magnolia Warbler Again

I have a weird way that I count seeing a  bird. I had seen a couple of magnolia warblers this season already, but none in a position to photograph. Monday morning that all changed. This bird came down from a higher perch to this lower perch for about eight seconds before leaving. That is the joy and the pain of warbler season. You have such a small window to photograph these birds. You had better make the most of it when they are there. Luckily for me I was able to make the photo this time. This is one of my favorite birds. The colors are amazing, and they photograph so well. I hope that I get a few more chances this season.

Another Chance To See The Great Blue Heron

I have said it many times, but this is probably the bird that I photograph the most often at the Celery Bog. Yesterday I found another one that was fishing from the air. It never struck facing me, but this time it came out of the water in a way that I could photograph it. It was fun to watch though. This one has learned a new trick, and from what I have seen lately it is working pretty well for it.

The Least Flycatcher

This bird was probably the star of the morning for me. At first it was very shy, but by the time I was done sitting in my spot it was posing for me. Here I asked it to get the chin up a bit so we didn’t get a double chin showing. This bird is another one that is fun to watch. They sit up a few feet over the water, and then dive bomb down to grab a snack. This process is repeated over and over. I assume that they stop at some point, but I have never seen it. Here it took just long enough of a break so that I could make a photo of it.

The Classic Pose

This yellow-rumped warbler sat for me in the classic bird pose. When it does that you have to make a photo. When I am camped out in a spot I will not make a photo of the birds that I see often unless it is really good. I am trying to stay as still as I can for the birds that I don’t see too often. A pose like this though gets my camera moving.

The House Wren

This house wren was making noise all around me almost the entire time I was along the water. After a while I figured out that it wanted its photo made too. This time of year we tend to forget the birds that are not yellow in some way. It posed, I made the photo, and then it went about its morning. I wish that I had thought of it sooner.

An American Restart

This is another fun bird to photograph. They do not sit still for very long either. This bird gave me a profile look, and even in bad light I decided to make the photo. At some point in the next couple of weeks a better chance to make a photo will come along, and the redstart will get the title of a post.

A Great Chance With The Red-bellied Woodpecker

Yesterday I talked about not forgetting the woodpeckers in my post. Before that post even went live I had had another good encounter with a woodpecker. This time with the red-bellied variety. I was leaving for the day happy with what I was able to do in just over an hour. I had to get home before school started. As I took a shortcut out of the woods this woodpecker jumped right in front of me. You don’t walk away from that so I tried to make a couple of photos of it. I never have had good luck with this bird so it was nice to finally have some. It was rooting around for some food, and when it found some it stopped for a moment to show me. It was a great encounter that made this trip to the woods even better.

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