31 Ballparks Of May: #10 Alexander Field

Senior Day At Alexander Field

I held off on posting Alexander Field so I could make a senior day post. This should have been the send off for these seniors. The end of a big three game series with Indiana which if we are wising would be a sweep of the rival. Of course we all know that the series would never happen. I was away making baseball photos somewhere else the last time IU came to town. It looked like a great atmosphere, and I was looking forward to being a part of it. Maybe the Big Ten will just move this years Big Ten schedule to 2021.

Sunset At Alexander Field

Of course the first two photos in this post were made at sunset. There is a point when I stop making game action photos and start making scenic photos. When the scene looks like this why wouldn’t you?

Bonus Alexander Field Photos

Even with being away for a couple of years I still have probably photographed more games in this stadium than anyone else. That is probably not something to be proud of because I was paid for just a few of them. I just love baseball in this stadium. Heck in some of these bonus photos I was there with nobody else around making photos. I have said it before, but it look forward to seeing some baseball in Alexander again soon. Here are a few bonus Alexander Field photos.

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