The Cape May Warbler Visits The Celery Bog

Seeing The Cape May Warbler Again

We are in that time of year when these very colorful birds make a brief appearance in our area. They are in the middle of a long journey during their spring migration. They stop here briefly to rest and fuel up. We are basically a NASCAR pit stop to them, but to us it is a great chance to see something new. This cape may warbler is a great example of a bird that I don’t see very often. I have lucked into a couple of good photo opportunities, but none as good as this one. Having this chance early in the season makes me Think that maybe I will get a couple more chances before this is all said and done.

Second Chances

This was my second chance at this bird Saturday morning. If I am being honest with you I blew the first one. This is not an easy thing to do. These birds are about 4″ long so grabbing focus is not as easy as it is with say a 200 pound running back. That difficultly is what makes this fun though. I get that same rush as I do making sports photos when I nail a photo of a bird that is rare to me.

A New Palm Warbler Pose

This pose for the palm warbler is a new one to me. Right now there are so many of these birds at the Celery Bog. Many more than I have ever seen before. You have many chances to make a good photo so when something like this happens in front of you it is only fair that you make a photo of it.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler Again

This has to be the most common warbler at the bog over the years. Like the palm warbler this year you see so many of these birds right now. You are not looking for the same photo that you have made, but something different. This bird is mostly covered up, but I have plenty of photos of a yellow-rumped warbler’s full body. It was fun to make something new here.

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