Watching The Caspian Tern Fish At The Celery Bog

The Flight Of The Caspian Tern

This is a bird that I never have really gotten a good look at. Twice in a week I have though. That is the magic of the migration. Birds that you never get to see suddenly show up and do there thing. This group of terns was fun to watch as they flew over the pond looking for fish to eat. They would suddenly drop out of the sky to catch their prey. The usually flew up in the blue sky when hunting, but this one above dropped down just low enough for me to get a good background for him.

Testing The Limits Of My Camera

The Sony A7R4 is an amazing camera. It renders huge files with a ton of detail. One thing that I have found though is that it doesn’t always do the best with focusing. It has a good autofocus system, but not nearly as good as the A9II. Add a lens converter to the equation so that I can use my Canon 600mm lens and you have a system that doesn’t always hit. The files are so good when it does though that it is worth the pain.

A Slow Morning

I spent an hour or so at the bog in the morning with nothing really to show for it. When it is warbler season you expect more than you get sometimes. The show at night more than made up for it. I did see some palm warbler and some yellow rumped warblers on my morning walk though.

Something Different

When you see a bird as much as I see the yellow-rumped warblers and the palm warblers you just want to see them do something different. This kind of photo seems to be what I end up making this time of year. Just something different for me.

Putting A Purdue Spin On Things

Here I thought that it would be fun to add some local flavor to my photo. I could keep making photos of the bird in flight, but showing some of the environment would be cool too. A lot of people won’t put a man made object in a photo, but here I think it places the photo quite well. It helps tell the story of the bird and the day.

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