The Super Flower Moon And A Red-winged Blackbird

Using The Supermoon In My Bird Photography

I am really out of the loop because I did not realize a supermoon was happening again until I was on my way to the Celery Bog yesterday. The moon was so big and bright in the sky that I immediately starting thinking about places to photograph it. Nothing quick was coming to mind, and it was setting fast. I just decided to head to the Celery Bog where I was already going and hope that a bird was hanging out low on a perch. I lucked out at the last minute as this red-winged blackbird hopped in the tree and sang. As I was making this photo a jogger ran up to the bird to make a photo with their phone and the bird flew off. Luckily I already had a frame.

A Lucky Baltimore Oriole

As I walked into the woods I immediately stumbled onto this baltimore oriole hanging out over the trail. I say stumbled because I was too close to it when I noticed it. I had to take a couple of steps backward so that I could focus on it. Barely into the woods and I already had two photos. That is how it should always be. The sun was not quite up yet, and I had two photos to show for my walk. That makes it worth getting up so early.

The Nashville Warbler

This Nashville Warbler loves this tree. I have see exactly three of these birds this spring and they have all been right around this tree. The sun was just coming up when I ran into him so you can just start to see the first rays of the day hitting him. I made this photo just around the corner from my oriole photo. Things were going great just a couple of minutes into my walk.

Singing The Morning Away With The Palm Warbler

This palm warbler was singing in the morning as the sun came up. Emboldened by my fast start I decided to try something new for me. I was nearly standing in the pond when I made this photo. I loved having the light at my back. I don’t often get to make photos in this good of light so I was going to use it. There are many palm warblers at the bog. So many that you don’t make a photo of every one. When one is in good light singing though you make the photo.

Another Singer

This song sparrow was living up to its name singing loud for all to hear. It didn’t even notice me as I was making photos of it. This is what the world is like before I normally wake up?

A Blue-winged Warbler Visit

I have only seen a couple of blue-winged warblers. My first encounter was a great one. I will have to work hard to top that photo. This warbler was very shy, and would not come near me. It is still good to see them and know that they are there.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler

A lot of local photographers will not make a photo of this bird as it is too common. I love how it looks, and just a month or two ago I would have done anything to photograph a bird with some color on it. I am more of an opportunist when it comes to photography. I try not to go out into the field with any expectations. I will photograph what comes in front of my camera. I will say that this time of year I want to see a wide variety of warblers, but if there is a yellow-rumped warbler in front of me I will make a photo of it.

The Common Yellowthroat Again

In the past I have had terrible luck finding a cooperative common yellowthroat. They usually see me and head the other direction. This year I have found a couple that were comfortable enough around me to go on about their business. This one moved around quite a bit singing. There was always a branch in the way until it found this spot to sing in. It gave me a great view using the morning light. My luck has really turned with these birds.

Going Wide

This is from the same moment as above, but just not cropped in. I actually think that I like this photo better. The tight photos are great, and I make those as much as I can. Occasionally though I like to show where it was singing from. This is still a hard bird to find with the eye, as well as with my 600mm lens. With this view you can see that splash of yellow that catches my eye. Which one do you prefer?

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