The Yellow Warbler At The Celery Bog

Getting A Good Look At The Yellow Warbler At The Celery Bog

This year I have seen very few yellow warbler at the bog. It is still early so they could pick up really quick. It is a beautiful bird so of course I want to see more of it. Last night I had two great encounters with a yellow warbler. The first was one of the first birds that I saw on the night. It was posing in a tree top for me, but never really looked right at me. As I was walking back to my car I ran into another yellow warbler near the parking lot. This one gave me several different looks on a couple of different trees. A good walk was made much better with this encounter.

More With The Spotted Sandpiper

This is a bird that I have seen a lot, but not in great light or in a good situation to make a photo. Last night this one had a perfect scene around it for a wider photo. I have tight photos of this bird so I liked the way this photo looked. You get a good sense of where you should be looking to see one.

You Can’t Hide From Me!

This palm warbler was trying to hide from my camera. I apparently have been making too many palm warbler photos lately. I don’t think that you can ever make too many palm warbler photos so I made one more for the blog.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler Wants A Photo Too

There are so many yellow-rumped warblers around the celery bog that sometimes you tend to ignore them. When they are doing something cool though you tend to make photos of them. That usually means that they start acting crazy to get photos made of them. This was one of those yellow-rumped warblers that needed attention.

The Baltimore Oriole

This was my best look at an Oriole to date. Of course since I made this photo I had a better look at one this morning, but you can read about that one tomorrow. This oriole was in the tree top with the amazing blue sky behind it. You really can’t ask for anything else from this bird.

The Tree Swallow

I made this photo just before getting in my car to leave. The light was almost gone, but this tree swallow had a great perch so one more photo wouldn’t hurt.

More With The Yellow Warbler

Here are a couple of bonus photos from my last encounter with the yellow warbler. The bird got up high enough to have the blue sky as my background. There aren’t many photos better than a yellow warbler against a blue sky. The bird was even kind enough to give me a couple of different looks which is always nice. Hopefully I can find this guy again to make some more photos. This bird is in the process of an incredible journey. It was super cool that it spent a couple of minutes with me to make some photos.

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