31 Ballparks Of May: #2 PNC Park

Finally Crossing PNC Park Off Of My List

I had wanted to see PNC Park since it first opened. Last year I was able to finally cross the park off of my list. Our trip was a quick one where we were only scheduled to see one game. Good traffic on the way there and a rain delay allowed us to add a second game to the trip. The park was as beautiful as I thought that it would be, and I can’t wait to get back there again.

Beautiful Inside And Out

This park is truly beautiful inside and out. I was not there officially so I didn’t need to have any long glass. I could just have my wide angle glass and focus on the beauty of the park. That was freeing, and really made our visit fun. Moments like this one waiting to get in were even fun because they were a photo opportunity.

Visiting Roberto

One of the draws of this park was to visit the Roberto Clemente statue. That statue and the bridge that is behind it are great ways to honor a great man. The fun thing about this park is the way that they blend old and new. This was very well thought out, and made it well worth the trip.

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