A Horned Grebe At The Celery Bog

A Horned Grebe At The Celery Bog

Man it was good to be back out making photos. Part of why I love wildlife and sports photos so much is the fact that so much is up in the air. You have to think quick to make photos. With sports out of my life the last week or so has been crazy. There wasn’t much to photograph as far as wildlife goes either. I have been going out of my mind at home trying to figure out what to do. Yesterday I made it out to the Celery Bog with the idea of just going for a walk. I knew that the water fowl were too far away to really make any decent photos of. My time is coming very soon. I brought my camera just in case, and sure enough I ran into a horned grebe that was as curious about my daughter and I as we were about it. It kept popping up right by us giving me a couple of chances to make photos of it. I love it when things work out.

The Dive

One of the most fun and hardest parts of the life of a grebe to document is the dive. You never know the exact moment that it will happen, and it rarely comes out like you thought that it would. Above you can see two photos that I made of the grebe diving yesterday. The first photo shows more of the bird, but I like the second one better. What do you think?

Using What You Are Given

The local Wal-Mart puts an orange glow on just part of the water at the Celery Bog. Some may try to only make photos away from the orange water, but I really like the look it gives my photos. I put it in whenever I can. Right now everything is still pretty brown and grey so I will take any color that I can get. Although with some of the birds that I saw yesterday spring and a little color are not too far away.

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