The Boilermaker At Blue Hour

Making Art To Feel Better

I can’t lie. Thursday was a rough day. I was not feeling very creative, but the sky looked like it could produce a good sunset. Instead of staying at the house moping around I went out to make a photo. I had an idea for a bright colorful photo of the Boilermaker statue. Of course instead of the sky catching fire it quickly clouded up and rained on me. It was a great metaphor for the day. I waited a bit for blue hour knowing that I could still get light of some color from the sky.

Changing Plans

As the clouds moved in I decided to go for a black and white photo. It really fit my mood anyway so why not? As I was running my long exposures I knew that the orange light on the boilermaker statue with the blue sky would look good. I decided to give one color photo a try. I really like how this one turned out. I was not feeling very artistic, but it was good to get out and make a few photos.

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