Feeling Blue At Purdue

You Never Expect The Unexpected

The last two days have been crazy for me. Watching everything on my calendar disappear is crazy. As a freelancer it is terrifying. As a fan it is disappointing. I completely understand why things are being done the way that they are. This is no time to take chances. These are games after all. In the grand scheme of life they really don’t mean much no matter how much they feel like they do. As I sat around disappointed yesterday I realized that I am far from the most disappointed. There are seniors everywhere that had their careers end just like that. Some of them were in place for tournaments ready to go when they got the news. You have all of the support staff for athletics that suddenly have no more season. Everyone around athletics that is hourly that suddenly has no income. This is a crazy time that will be hard for many people. Instead of moping around the house like I felt like doing I went up to campus to make a couple of photos. I knew that I just needed to get out. Being out did help me stop thinking about what I had lost on the day.

What Is Next For Me?

That is a good question. If you follow this blog or know me then you know how much I was looking forward to finally getting baseball in my area. That rug has now been ripped out from under me. It looks like at least May before I can see any baseball if even then. This is a crazy time for a freelancer. I basically have no money coming in for a short period of time. One thing that this has done is make me realize that even though I love sports photography maybe it is not where I need to be. I now have some free time to decide just what I need to do to keep the lights on around here. First and foremost though is making sure that everyone around me that I love is safe. I have always been a pretty upbeat person. I try to always stay positive. Right now doesn’t feel very positive, but something good always ends up happening. Maybe in this time off that something will show me which way I need to go from here.

Future Content

Right now I do not plan on putting a Week In Photos together for this week. The next challenge will be coming up with enough photos without sports for my weekly look at my favorite photos. For now I am thinking that every two weeks might be good. I like a good photography challenge, and right now I have some time to come up with some ideas to keep things going. I am rambling on this post, but some of that may have to do with the fact that I am not exactly sure what is going on. I am still processing the last couple of days. I did have a crazy thought that in March I will be done with the college sports season. I have a few best of posts that I can come up with. I don’t know that I am ready for that right now though.

2 Replies to “Feeling Blue At Purdue”

  1. Our thoughts are with you, Dave. It’s all a surreal, uncertain time. My wife and I are pretty much hunkered down, unfortunately within the higher risk population. But we also have the relatively benign option of staying put, and staying away from potential interaction – to a point! M 🙁

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