The Worm Moon Over Purdue

The Great Experience Of Photographing The Moon Over Purdue

One thing that brings a lot of joy is coming up with an idea for a photo and it actually working out. When I saw that the actual full moon would be obscured by clouds I checked out where the moon would be the night before it was full. My first two choices did not work, but the moon was going to go right through the Purdue bell tower if I stood in the right position. I am always a little nervous that I made my calculations correctly, but it can work out. Here in this situation it actually did.

One Last Photo

I made the photo above as I was getting ready to leave. I had already made my photos that I came to make, but the sky was so cool why not a couple more? It is a great way to explore more ideas. Just keep making photos and see what sticks. After I made this photo I packed my car up again only to get my gear back out for a blue hour photo. I really never do know when to quit.


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