Purdue Women’s Basketball Defeats Michigan State In The Big Ten Tournament

Purdue Beats Michigan State To Stay Alive In The Big Ten Tournament

I always enjoy making tournament basketball photos. When my teams wins it makes it that much more fun. The most important thing though is that the two great seniors on the team get to play another game. This time of the year all that matters is winning the game in front of you. Purdue did that yesterday.

The National Anthem

When you photograph over 100 events every year you hear the National Anthem a lot. At some point I feel like I have made all of the anthem photos. This anthem came out of the blue as I didn’t know that it would be earlier than I am used to. As the team lined up I realized that a lot of cool elements could be in this photo. This was one photo that I really think shows off the event during the anthem.

The Ground Remote

During the tournament I end up further out on the baseline than I am used to being. Because of that I don’t use my 24-70mm lens for game action as much. It is pretty much all 70-200mm photos. Because of that I place my 24-70mm lens at my feet as a remote. This allows me to make two photos of every play. The photos that make the gallery from this remote are very few, but the ones that do are great scene setters that really breaks up the gallery.

Behind The Scenes

My main job I think is to show the fans things that they cannot see themselves. To bring you as the reader onto the court with me. Scenes like this one show that players personality. These are the photos at the end of the day that I really love. The action stuff is good, but it is these moments with the players that I love making.

A Great Background

When I walked into the arena for the first time I saw this great background and realized that I would have it for the second half. I hoped that I would make a nice photo with it. Luckily it happened to where I made something interesting with the pennants as my background. I love it when something new gives me a photo.

In The Locker Room

After the game the team was available to the media. These can be boring photos, or you can try and make them interesting. You are in confined quarters so it is always fun trying to make something happen in these situations. Here I thought that I made a decent photo.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my full Exposure gallery from the game yesterday.

The End Of My March Madness?

My March Madness run may have started and ended in one day. In the past I would travel to multiple tournaments in multiple states this time of year. This year though things are different. While I enjoy being closer to home all of the time this is the time of the year when I feel a little left out. I find myself actually rooting for the Purdue teams to be in the NIT so that I can see them play again. It is a selfish thing, but after traveling all over the country as a fan to see them play it is weird that when I am this close to the team that when they travel I miss out. 48 weeks out of the year I enjoy what I am doing now. It is this month where it hits the hardest.

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