A Springish Walk Around The Celery Bog

A Beautiful Day For A Walk At The Celery Bog

As I write this the weather has since gone back to the cold side. It even snowed Thursday night for good measure. Wednesday afternoon though it was beautiful. It was a great day for a walk in the woods. If I didn’t make a photo it would still have been a good day. Lucky for me I did make a couple of photos that I liked. I always say that the key to wildlife photography is just to be present. The more you go out the more likely that something cool will happen in front of you.

Signs Of Spring

It was good to see some turtles out sunning themselves yesterday. That means that spring has to be on the way. Of course with this crazy winter you never know what will happen. I saw turtles sunning themselves every month this winter but February. It is still good to think that if this year is like last year then the first swallows will be here by the end of the month followed by the warblers.

Bad Hair Day

This blue jay really did not want me to make a photo of it. Its hair was all out of whack so it kept hiding deep in the brush. I found a little hole to get a photo in, and then the bird moved deeper in. Damage done though as I made my photo.

A Cool Flyby

At one point a crew of workers on the golf course spooked a bunch of birds into the air. Many different kinds of waterfowl were flying everywhere. Most of them much higher than would make for a good photo. This goldeneye though came right in front of me giving me a good opportunity to make a nice photo. I love it when things work out for me. I hadn’t seen any that day, but they were right there in front of me the whole time.

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