Purdue Women’s Basketball Senior Day

Covering Senior Day

Senior day is always an interesting day to cover. On one hand you are happy that the seniors are moving on to whatever is next. You can’t stay in college forever. On the other hand like on Saturday you have two terrific student athletes who you have enjoyed covering over the years who you don’t want to see go just yet. These two have done amazing things for Purdue, and they will be missed. Before the game even started I was happy to make this photo of the two seniors enjoying the moment. This is how it is supposed to be.

Finally Making The Photo

For years I have struggled to make a photo that I really like of Ae’Rianna Harris. I think that it comes from her always being so close to me and playing at the rim that I always end up with photos of her straight up. On Saturday I moved off to the side, and I was rewarded with a few images that I really liked of her. It only took four years to get there, but I finally did.

The Eyes Of Dominique Oden

Early on in her career I could see the look that Dominique Oden would get in her eyes when she is ready to take over a game. It is a subtle thing, but it always reminded me of that look that Jordan would get. When you saw the look in her eyes you knew that it was about to get real fun for Purdue. This photo doesn’t show her eyes, but it does show the hustle that we have all come to get to know over the last four years.

Trying Something New

A week or so ago I tried something new with mixed results. I placed one of my cameras on my monopod with my 12-24mm lens on it. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but wondered how it would turn out. I will admit that I failed on the first attempt. I must have bumped my focus like a rookie getting into position. I could see the roof of Mackey was tack sharp, but the players were not. This time I got it right, and I was glad that I had something that at least looked different.

My Last Time In Mackey This Year?

When I left the stadium Saturday I took my things that I leave there with me. There is a very good chance that Saturday was my last game in Mackey this year. Over the years I have come to love that building, and it is always a sad time when I realize that my time there is done. There is still a slim chance that I show up to photograph the senior day for the men for fun, but being tournament time I never know where I might be at that time. Right now all that I know for sure is that I will be with this team in Indy on Thursday. The rest we will have to see.

More Fun With A Slow Shutter

A small tip to put my slow shutter settings onto a custom button on my camera was a great one. It lets me jump in and out of that setting, and allows me to take some chances without missing a big moment. Earlier this season I would be at 1/15th of a second with no way to jump back quickly when a great celebration would happen. With this method I can jump in and out of it very quickly. It is a great way to have some fun as well as change up the look of the gallery.

More Photos From The Game

You can see my full gallery from the game here on the Purdue sports Exposure page. It is always fun helping contribute to this page. I think that I might have put together a pretty good gallery from the game. Head on over and check it out.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a good week photographically, but a bad week for my health. I never really felt right all week. Hopefully that goes away before tournament season starts. I still feel like I had a great week making photos even if I felt crummy making them. Sometimes I think that not feeling well helps me focus a bit more. Take a look at my favorite photos from last week here.

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