Tuesday Tip: Drag Your Shutter For Sports

Drag Your Shutter To Change Up The Look Of Your Gallery

When you are putting together a photo gallery from a game you can fall into the habit of making the same photo over and over. Whenever I feel that happening I will drag the shutter. Dragging the shutter can do a few things for you. It can help eliminate a bad background. It can help you show the motion of the sport. It can also help you get out of a rut when photographing for an entire season. At some point I always feel like I am just making the same pictures over and over. Doing something a little different can help you change things up.

How Low Can You Go?

When I first started messing with this idea I would play a game called how low can I go where I would make photos at a slow shutter speed until I thought that I nailed it. Then I would take it down even lower. I would do this until I would completely fail making a photo. If I am watching something where I am completely bored I may still do this, but for the most part I try and capture humans moving at 1/15th of a second. When you are starting off though playing the how low can you go game can show you where you need to be at.

Using The Shutter Drag To Show Motion

One place where dragging the shutter can be amazing is in the pool. You can really make some nice photos with the water smoothing out and looking unreal. It really shows just how violent of a sport swimming can be.

More Shutter Drag Examples

Below are a few other times where I thought that dragging the shutter worked for me.

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